Gerbera Bouquet

Gerbera – cute, beautifull and very popular flowers. These large-faced, sunny-feeling flowers are incredibly popular - their flowers possess a deeply summery warmth which always feels welcoming. A bouquet of gerberas looks always pretty and brings out the space & light in a room.

Gerbera bouquets look like a giant, colourful daisy, and come from the same family as the sunflower. They come in a multitude of beautiful colours. Of course, each gerbera colour has its own meaning. Gerbera is certainly a great flower for all occasions. It looks beautiful on its own but also blends beautifully with other flowers. A birthday bouquet or a bouquet for anniversaries - always a good choice for a bouquet of gerberas. 

A bouquet of gerberas with delivery is a great gift, whatever the occasion. Send a bouquet with free delivery in London and enjoy these beautiful flowers with the recipient.