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Calathea Leopardina Plant

Calathea Leopardina Plant

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Calathea Leopardina - If you love green potted plants and want more and more - consider Calathea Leopardina - a beautiful tropical plant with unique leaves! The large, round-shaped leaves are beautiful, light green with a pronounced dark green speckle pattern.

Calathea Family are quite accustomed to the warm, humid temperatures of their natural jungle habit, but the Leopardina variety is known to be more adaptable.

If you are wondering what the care of Calathea Leopardina looks like, be calm. This plant is a seed, making it the perfect houseplant for any plant lover! Calathea is native to South America along with many other varieties of calathea, but is mainly found in Brazil

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SIZE:  17Ø 60cm


The plant in the picture contains white ceramic pot.

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