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Bouquet of 3 Shades Peonies

Bouquet of 3 Shades Peonies

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This bouquet of 3 colors of peonies is perfect for dreamers and romantics. Beautiful 3 shades of peony. Experienced florists will arrange the bouquet.

Our beautiful peonies are like from a fairy tale, they will fulfill every wish, they will whisper "I love" or "together forever", or maybe "thank you very much".
With our wonderful bouquet shades od pink peonies you can enchant anyone you want because the magic of our flowers has a magic gift in it.

Send this peonies today to your loved one, we guarantee that we will delight every recipient!


The bouquet consists of:

- 3 Shades of Peonies


If you want you can add a message card to your flowers. 

Our advantage is that our assortment includes peonies all year round.

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