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Dahlia Labella Piccolo Plant

Dahlia Labella Piccolo Plant

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Dahlia Labella Piccolo Cream are delicate little plants that make a big impact with their stunning flowers and bright colors. They are perfect for planting in the garden, but also great for containers and pots. Regularly watering and cutting the flowers of this plant will definitely improve the yield. Dahlia are tuberous rooted perennials with pinnately divided leaves and showy flowerheads, double in many cultivars, in summer and autumn.

This plant is great both for the garden and for the home. The beautiful color of the dhali makes you smile every day! A wonderful and long-lasting gift for loved ones!

Gifts and Flower Delivery in London and Nationwide! Dahlia Labella Piccolo White with delivery is perfect gift. 

SIZE: 12Ø 20cm

The plant in the picture contains nursery pot.

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