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Halloween Wreath with White Pumpkins

Halloween Wreath with White Pumpkins

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Introducing our Halloween Wreath with White Pumpkins, Snowberry, and a delightful mix of blue eryngium, orange berries, and lush greenery. This handcrafted wreath is designed to bring a touch of spook-tacular charm to your Halloween decor.

The centerpiece of this wreath features pristine white mini pumpkins that serve as the focal point and symbolize the essence of Halloween, evoking the spirit of harvest and tradition.

The wreath incorporates snowberry branches, which add a touch of elegance and contrast with their tiny white berries, creating an enchanting and ghostly effect.

Blue eryngium, also known as "sea holly," adds an unexpected twist to the wreath, bringing an element of mystique and intrigue to the overall design.

Lush greenery provides a backdrop of natural beauty, contributing depth and texture to the wreath's composition.

Our Halloween Wreath with White Pumpkins and Snowberry is meticulously handcrafted to ensure that each piece is a unique and enchanting work of art. Hang it on your front door to welcome trick-or-treaters or display it indoors to set the perfect spooky atmosphere for your Halloween festivities.

Embrace the whimsical and haunting spirit of Halloween with this extraordinary wreath, which combines the charm of white pumpkins, the elegance of snowberry, and the mystique of blue eryngium for a truly bewitching effect. Transform your home into a Halloween haven with our Halloween Wreath and make a statement that captures the magic of the season.


Autumn wreaths are a wonderful way to add warmth and seasonal charm to your home, and there are many beautiful options available for delivery in the UK. Enjoy decorating your space for the fall season!


Wreath consists of:

- natural snowberry

- white mini pumpkin

- fresh blue eryngium

- natural orange berry

- greenery


Looking for autumn wreath delivery in the UK? You're in luck! Luxe Flowers offer a wide variety of autumn wreaths for delivery throughout the UK.

Choose your favorite design, and place an order for delivery to your location in the UK.

Please note the wreath have 16 inch (42cm).

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