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Vintage Red Hydrangea Door Wreath

Vintage Red Hydrangea Door Wreath

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Elevate your autumn ambiance with the timeless elegance of our Vintage Red Hydrangea Door Wreath. This meticulously crafted wreath is adorned with rich red and vibrant green hydrangea blossoms, creating a captivating focal point for your seasonal decor.

Our Vintage Red Hydrangea Door Wreath is a testament to quality and craftsmanship, lovingly crafted with care and attention to detail. Its handcrafted nature ensures that each wreath is a unique work of art, setting it apart from mass-produced decorations.

Whether you choose to display it indoors, infusing your living space with the warmth of autumn, or hang it proudly on your front door to welcome guests, this wreath is remarkably versatile and ideal for both settings. Embrace the enchanting allure of autumn and elevate your home's decor with the timeless beauty of our Vintage Red Hydrangea Door Wreath. Make a statement that captures the essence of this beloved season and transforms your space into a welcoming autumn retreat.


 Wreath consists of:

- Red and Green Fresh  Hydrangea

- Foam Ring


If you want you can add a message card to your wreath.
Please note the wreath have 14 inch (36cm).

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