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White Avalanche Roses Wedding Bouquet

White Avalanche Roses Wedding Bouquet

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A wedding bouquet white avalanche roses would be both elegant and classic. These roses are known for their large, full blooms and soft, creamy white color. 

This bridal bouquet consists primarily of white avalanche roses, their large, delicate petals creating a lush and full appearance. The roses are tightly packed, forming a round, dome-like shape. Interspersed among the roses are sprigs of greenery, such as ruscus leaves adding a touch of natural elegance and a slight contrast to the pristine white petals.

The stems of the roses are wrapped in a satin ribbon, either white or a cream colour which adds to the overall sophisticated look. This bouquet exudes a timeless charm, perfect for a wedding setting, complementing any bridal gown beautifully.

We offer a bouquet with home delivery that you will surely be satisfied with. 


The bouquet consists of:

- White Avalanche Roses 

Please note the bouquet pictured contains 15 stems.

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