Box of Hyacinths

The first association that comes to mind about hyacinths is their amazing smell. It is not without reason that hyacinth, like jasmine, rose, lily or tuberose, is one of the most common fragrance notes in perfume compositions. Among the fragrances signed with the names of the greatest fashion creators, hyacinth aromas are felt in over 200 compositions, which is why we have created hyacinth collections!

Hyacinths provide not only unique olfactory sensations, but also constitute an original element of floral compositions. Due to their unpretentious nature, they look great alone, but also look great in combination with other spring flowers.

This collection presents beautiful boxes of flowers with hyacinth in the lead. Here you will find, among others, a colourful box of hyacinths, hyacinths with tulips in a box, hyacinths with roses in a box and many other beautiful hyacinth compositions with London delivery and UK delivery.