Fresh Flower Care Tips: Keeping Your Blooms Vibrant and Beautiful

Keep Your Flowers Fresh: Tips from Flowers Delivered London

After receiving a beautiful bouquet from Flowers Delivered London, it's essential to follow these simple steps to ensure the longevity and freshness of your flowers:

  1. Protect from Environmental Factors: Keep your fresh flowers away from drafts and extreme temperatures, as they can quickly dry out and cause wilting. Remove any plastic wrapping as soon as possible upon delivery.

  2. Avoid Harmful Surroundings: Place your flower arrangement away from fruits and cigarette smoke. Ethylene gas produced by fruits can be harmful to many flower types, leading to premature wilting.

  3. Choose the Right Spot: Avoid placing flower arrangements in windowsills or areas with direct sunlight, as overheating can cause wilting. Most flowers last longer in cool conditions.

Tips to Maintain Freshness:

  1. Keep the Vase Filled: Ensure all flower and foliage stems are submerged in water. Flowers stay fresher and last longer when they can continuously hydrate.

  2. No Water for Foam Arrangements: If your flowers came in a basket or container with foam, refrain from adding fresh water, as the foam acts as a water source.

  3. Remove Wilting Parts: Regularly remove any dead or wilting leaves and stems from the arrangement to maintain the vitality of other flowers.

  4. Monitor Water Quality: Watch the water clarity; if it becomes cloudy, it's time to change it to maintain freshness.

Changing the Water:

  1. Prune Wisely: Before changing the water, remove any dead or dying flowers from the arrangement.

  2. Clean the Vase: Thoroughly clean the vase with soapy water to eliminate any bacteria that could reduce the flowers' freshness. Rinse it well before refilling.

  3. Add Flower Preservative: Replace the water and add the flower preservative provided by your florist, following the instructions on the packet. This helps extend the lifespan of your flowers.

  4. Proper Stem Cutting: For optimal water absorption, cut stems at an angle of about one to two inches from the bottom. Use a sharp knife, not scissors, as scissors can crush the stems, hindering water intake.

  5. Swiftly Submerge: Place loose stems or wrapped bouquets in the water mixture as soon as possible to maintain hydration.

Follow these easy tips, and your flowers from Flowers Delivered London will continue to bloom and brighten your space for days to come! If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact us. We are delighted to provide you with exquisite flowers and ensure your utmost satisfaction!