Box of Hydrangeas

Hydrangea is one of the most beautiful flowers in terms of presentation and color. Its wide range of colors, ranging from green to blue, pink, etc. is just one of its many charms. As a cut flower, hydrangeas are distinguished by their rounded shape, which consists of dozens of small and charming flower petals resembling butterflies. This flower is perfect for creating floral arrangements, it is both a romantic flower and an elegant flower - it all depends on what color you choose for your bouquet and what character you want to add to the composition.

When it comes to our collection of hydrangea boxes, it does not require too much filler and other cut flower species because of its lush state.

Hydrangea is also a flower that is perfect for creating wedding compositions and a bridal bouquet. What distinguishes it from other flowers is the multitude of colors and huge spherical inflorescences, giving the impression of one large bouquet. If you want to see our wedding bouquets, please click here: