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A symbol of purity, joy, love, sincerity, happiness and luck

Lily of the Valley Bouquets: Elegance and Fragrance| Luxe Flowers Delivered

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Lisianthus Bouquet

Elegant Flowers for Timeless Beauty

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Box of Flowers and Sweets

Treat your loved ones to a sensory feast with our beautifully crafted chocolates & flowers, a perfect combination for heightened senses.

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Sweet Pea Bouquet 

Beautiful and Fragrant: Sweet peas are valued for their beautiful flowers, gorgeous colors, and wonderful fragrance.

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Floral Harmony: An Enchanting Collection of Plants

Urban Oasis: Potted Indoor Plants for Serene Spaces

Decorate Your Home with Beautiful Indoor Plants | Green Gifts for Loved... 


Transform any room into an oasis of colour and sunshine with our high-quality houseplants.

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Bridal Collection - Exquisite Wedding Flowers for Your Special Day

Exquisite Wedding Bouquets to Elevate Your Special Day - Flowers Box London

Bridal Blooms: Captivating Wedding Bouquet Designs

Exquisite Wedding Bouquets for the Bride A Bouquet for Every Bride: Our... 

Bridal Blooms: Wedding Bouquet

Exquisite Wedding Bouquets for the Bride

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Daisy Flowers

Luxe Daisy Flowers - Where Beauty Blooms

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Congratulations Flowers

Celebrate Graduation with Stunning Flowers

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Celebrate Beauty and Elegance with our Peonies Collection.

Peony Perfection in a Box: Captivating Floral Elegance

Peonies in a Box - Beautiful and Expressive Flowers Peonies are among... 

Peonies Bouquet

Elevate any occasion with the exquisite allure of our elegant peonies bouquet. A symbol of luxury and grace.

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Box of Peonies

Indulge in the beauty of nature with our meticulously arranged peonies. Each box is a work of art designed to evoke joy and beautiful memories.

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Sunflowers Bouquets

Brighten Their Day with Sunflower Bouquets


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Blue Forget Me Not Flowers

Timeless Beauty of Blue Forget-Me-Not Flowers