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Basket of Blue and White Flowers

Basket of Blue and White Flowers

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Please note the basket pictured contains 60 stems.

Introducing our Basket of Blue and White Flowers—a stunning arrangement that combines the freshness of white tulips, the fragrant allure of blue hyacinths, and the elegant beauty of purple clematis, all complemented by the delicate charm of wax flowers, skimia, and pistacia.

Together, these exquisite flowers and foliage come together to create a captivating bouquet that is both elegant and enchanting. Whether it's for a special occasion or to brighten someone's day, our Basket of Blue and White Flowers is sure to leave a lasting impression with its beauty and charm.

The basket consists of:

- White Tulips: Symbolizing purity and elegance, white tulips bring a sense of sophistication to the bouquet with their pristine blooms and graceful appearance.

- Blue Hyacinth: infuse the arrangement with their delightful fragrance and vibrant color, adding a touch of freshness and charm.

- Purple Clematis: contributes to the bouquet's visual appeal with its rich hue and intricate blossoms, symbolizing creativity and admiration.

- Wax Flowers: lend a delicate and whimsical touch to the arrangement, enhancing its overall beauty and adding texture.

- Skimia: brings a lush and verdant element to the bouquet, adding depth and volume to the composition.

- Pistacia: foliage adds a pop of greenery to the arrangement, creating a vibrant contrast against the colorful blooms and enhancing their visual impact.

Immerse yourself in serene beauty with our Basket of Blue and White Flowers. This enchanting arrangement blends the calming hues of blue and white blooms, creating a tranquil and elegant display. Send a touch of peacefulness with Luxe Flowers Delivered  exquisite basket, available for delivery across the UK

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