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Colored Bouquet of Tulips

Colored Bouquet of Tulips

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Please note the bouquet pictured contains 80 stems.

Such a bouquet of multi - colors of beautiful tulips can be a wonderful surprise not only for a woman. Give this wonderful bouquet to a loved one when you want to thank, apologize or just show them that it's important!

In our offer you will find unique tulips from many gardens. We always have a bouquet made by the best florists, tied with an elegant ribbon that emphasizes their extraordinary beauty. You can order these beautiful flowers through our website and we will guarantee fast flower delivery directly to your home.

Optionally, you can also add a small gift to the bouquet - chocolates, a teddy bear or just a gift card. Take advantage of our offer and order flowers today!


The bouquet consists of:

  • Yellow Tulips: Yellow Tulips symbolize cheerfulness, happiness, and positivity. They bring a bright and sunny touch to the bouquet.
  • White Tulips: White Tulips represent purity, forgiveness, and new beginnings. They provide a sense of simplicity and elegance.
  • Red Tulips: Red Tulips symbolize love and passion. Their deep red hue adds a touch of romance and intensity to the bouquet.
  • Purple Tulips: Purple Tulips are associated with royalty and admiration. The purple color brings a regal and graceful element to the bouquet.
  • Pink Tulips: Pink Tulips symbolize affection and caring. They add a soft and gentle touch to the arrangement.
  • Light Pink Tulips: Light pink Tulips represent grace and sweetness. They provide a delicate and romantic addition to the bouquet.


A Tulip Rainbow Bouquet is a lively and cheerful gift suitable for various occasions, such as birthdays, spring celebrations, or as a way to add a burst of color to someone's day. The combination of multiple tulip colors creates a vibrant and eye-catching arrangement. 

A bouquet featuring yellow, white, red, purple, pink, and light pink tulips would be a colorful and vibrant arrangement. Tulips come in various hues, and combining them in a bouquet can create a stunning visual impact. This multicolored tulip bouquet is perfect for brightening someone's day, celebrating a special occasion, or adding a burst of color to your living space.

Flowers Box London offers delivery services, ensuring that this colorful tulip bouquet can be promptly delivered to your doorstep or the recipient's location, making every moment more beautiful and memorable.

If you want you can add a message card to your flowers. 

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