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Double Tulips with Catkins Bouquet

Double Tulips with Catkins Bouquet

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Please note the bouquet pictured contains 35 stems.


A bouquet of Double Tulips with Catkins is a stunning and unique floral arrangement that combines the beauty of double tulips with the rustic charm of catkins.

Welcome the freshness of spring with our Double Tulips with Catkins Bouquet. Bursting with the vibrant hues of double tulips and accented with the playful charm of catkins, this arrangement captures the essence of the season in a stunning display of natural beauty. Whether adorning your spring wedding, adding cheer to an Easter gathering, or simply bringing a smile to someone's face, this bouquet is sure to enchant.

Order now and let the magic of spring blossom in every corner of your life.

A beautiful bouquet of tulips trimmed in the form of Catkins from our florist. 

We recommend a bouquet of beautiful tulips with decorations for every occasion, as well as without the occasion :). Composition is perfect for a birthday, thank you or any other occasion! Our online florist shop is a guarantee of quality and on-time delivery!


The bouquet consists of:

Double Tulips: (color to choose from) are a distinct variety of tulips known for their fuller, layered petals, which create a lush and luxurious appearance. These tulips come in various colors, and the choice of colors can convey different sentiments. Double tulips symbolize elegance and a sense of abundance.
Catkins: Catkins are soft, cylindrical clusters of tiny, cylindrical flowers, often seen on trees like willows and hazels. They are commonly used in floral arrangements to add a touch of rustic charm and natural texture. Catkins provide a unique contrast to the elegant beauty of double tulips.

    This bouquet combines the lushness and opulence of double tulips with the rustic and earthy vibe of catkins. The result is a charming blend of elegance and natural simplicity. It's a great choice for various occasions, including spring celebrations, weddings, and special events. The combination of these elements creates a visually appealing and textured bouquet that can make a lasting impression and bring a touch of nature's beauty indoors.

    Order now and embrace the joy of the season with this enchanting floral arrangement.

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