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Jasminum Hanging Pot

Jasminum Hanging Pot

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Jasminum Color
Hanging Material

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Jasmine is a fragrant flowering plant that belongs to the olive family. The hanging pot is designed to be hung from a hook or other support and is suspended in the air, allowing the plant to cascade downwards.

Jasminoides Piramide plants require well-draining soil and frequent watering, especially during the growing season. They also need adequate sunlight, so they are best placed in a location with partial shade. The plant produces white or pink flowers with a sweet, floral fragrance, which makes them a popular choice for hanging pots indoors or on a patio.


Contains :

Jasminoides Piramide 

23Ø - 40cm - ( color to choose from)

Hanging Pot


The plant in the picture contains  3 plants in hanging nursery pot .

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