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Lindt Coconut Sticks Chocolate Box

Lindt Coconut Sticks Chocolate Box

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Fruity Flavour! 

Indulge in the Taste of the Tropics with Lindt Coconut Sticks! Explore these delectable new chocolates in the market. Lindt's Master Chocolatiers have expertly blended premium ingredients sourced from across the globe to craft the finest choco fruits chocolates. Among them are these delightful bite-sized sticks, featuring tender, sweet coconut enveloped in decadent, intense dark chocolate. Treat yourself to the luxury of coconut sticks!

Surprise your loved ones with our exquisite coconut chocolates, available for delivery! Enjoy same-day chocolate delivery in London and next-day delivery across the UK.

Chocolates Lindt Coconut Sticks.

COCONUT FLAVOUR Box Weight: 125g

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