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Pink Peonies & Ranunculus Bouquet

Pink Peonies & Ranunculus Bouquet

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Please note the bouquet pictured contains 25 stems.


A Pink Peonies & Ranunculus Bouquet featuring Pink Peonies, Pale Pink Hanoi Ranunculus, and Pittosporum is a soft and elegant floral arrangement.

The combination of Pink Peonies, Pale Pink Hanoi Ranunculus, and Pittosporum creates a bouquet that is not only visually captivating but also carries a sense of romance and sophistication. This bouquet is perfect for various occasions, from weddings to special events, or as a lovely gift to express admiration and affection. The soft color palette and the combination of premium blooms make it a delightful and enchanting arrangement.

The bouquet consists of:

Pink Peonies: symbolize romance, prosperity, and good fortune. Their large, lush blooms and delicate fragrance add a touch of timeless beauty and elegance to the bouquet.
Pale Pink Hanoi Ranunculus: is known for its intricate and layered petals. The pale pink hue of these Ranunculus flowers adds a subtle and romantic element to the bouquet.
Pittosporum: is a type of greenery that enhances the overall aesthetics of the bouquet. Its dark green foliage provides a lovely contrast to the soft pink blooms, adding texture and depth.


A Pink Peonies & Ranunculus Bouquet is not just a beautiful floral arrangement but also a symbol of elegance and charm. Luxe Flowers commitment to delivering this amazing pastel bouquet to London and across the UK ensures that the beauty of these delicate flowers can reach individuals far and wide. The availability of delivery to various locations emphasizes the convenience and accessibility of these stunning bouquets, making it easy for people to enjoy the allure of pink peonies and ranunculus, no matter where they are.

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