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Red and Pink Sweet Pea Bouquet

Red and Pink Sweet Pea Bouquet

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A red and pink Sweet Pea bouquet is a captivating and romantic floral arrangement that combines the passionate and vibrant energy of red with the soft, delicate charm of pink.

The bouquet features a captivating interplay of red and pink hues. Red symbolizes love, desire, and passion, while pink represents tenderness, affection, and grace. This combination creates a bouquet that balances intensity with sweetness.

Sweet peas, regardless of their color, emit a sweet and delightful fragrance. In a red and pink sweet pea bouquet, the fragrance adds an extra layer of sensory pleasure, filling the air with a sweet and romantic aroma that complements the vibrant colors.

A red and pink sweet pea bouquet is a perfect choice for romantic occasions such as anniversaries, Valentine's Day, or as a gift to express love and passion. It's also suitable for weddings, where it can symbolize the combination of love (red) and tenderness (pink). Additionally, it can be given to someone to convey a heartfelt message of affection and admiration.

A red and pink sweet pea bouquet is a captivating expression of love and romance. It beautifully combines the fiery energy of red with the gentle allure of pink, creating a bouquet that is both passionate and tender. This bouquet is a visual and olfactory delight, sure to leave a lasting impression and evoke feelings of love and desire. 

The bouquet consists of:

- Pink Sweet Pea

- Red Sweet Pea


If you want you can add a message card to your flowers.

Please note the bouquet pictured contains 50 Stems.

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