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Rose Sweet Pea Bouquet

Rose Sweet Pea Bouquet

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A pastel pink sweet pea bouquet is a delightful floral arrangement that focuses on the delicate and charming beauty of sweet pea flowers in soft, pastel shades of pink. A pastel pink sweet pea bouquet is a delicate and enchanting floral arrangement that evokes feelings of grace and tenderness. This bouquet typically features a selection of sweet pea flowers in soft and soothing shades of pastel pink, ranging from the palest blush to slightly deeper rosy tones.

The sweet peas emit a subtle, sweet scent that fills the air with a delightful, nostalgic aroma. This fragrance is not overpowering but rather a gentle reminder of nature's beauty.

A pastel pink sweet pea bouquet is an ideal choice for various occasions, including weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and other celebrations of love and appreciation. It can also be a thoughtful gesture for expressing sympathy or offering support during challenging times due to its calming and comforting color palette.

A pastel pink sweet pea bouquet is a harmonious blend of softness and elegance. It embodies the essence of romance and is a symbol of heartfelt sentiments. Its soothing pastel pink tones make it an embodiment of grace and beauty, perfect for conveying love, affection, and well-wishes to someone special.


 The box consists of:

- Light Pink Sweet Pea

- White Sweet Pea


 If you want you can add a message card to your flowers.

Please note the box pictured contains 40 Stems.


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