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Roses with Nutella

Roses with Nutella

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Roses Colour

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This wonderful flower box has been breaking popularity records since we added it to our offer. The combination of nutella and candies is a perfect box that we have recently had. One thing is for sure! A great reaction from the recipient is guaranteed :) We leave you to choose the color of roses and sweetness.

This flower box is an exclusive and modern but also romantic proposition. A perfect gift for people who value beauty in a sophisticated form. Mini nutella or mini jam and beautiful roses is a surprising combination that is completely unheard of in other florists. Apologize, thank you, fall in love ... it's so easy with us !!!

The box consists of:

- Roses 

- Mini Nutella or Mini Jam 

- Chocolate Lindt Lindor

- Greenery

- Box

- Free Message Card


If you want you can add a message card to your flowers. 

Please note the box pictured contains 18 Roses + 6 Nutella + 8 Lindt Lindor 

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