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Yellow Tanacetum and Santini Chrysanthemum Bouquet

Yellow Tanacetum and Santini Chrysanthemum Bouquet

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Please note the bouquet pictured contains 25 stems. 


Introducing our radiant Yellow Tanacetum and Santini Chrysanthemum Bouquet, a captivating ensemble that celebrates the beauty of spring.

Embrace the sunny radiance of our Yellow Tanacetum and Santini Chrysanthemum Bouquet, a vibrant celebration of warmth and joy. This exquisite bouquet combines the cheerful hues of yellow Tanacetum and Santini Chrysanthemums, creating a captivating ensemble that effortlessly brightens any space. Each stem is meticulously selected and expertly arranged by our skilled florists, ensuring a harmonious balance of colors and textures.

In addition to the yellow blooms, the bouquet also features yellow tulips, which have a more delicate appearance than the chrysanthemums and can add a graceful touch. Purple lisianthus flowers add a contrasting color to the bouquet, bringing a rich, deep hue to the arrangement.

This bouquet could be a cheerful and eye-catching mix of yellow and purple tones, with a variety of textures and shapes to add interest. It could be suitable for a range of occasions, such as a spring wedding or a birthday gift for someone who loves bright, sunny colors.

The bouquet consists of:

Green Santini Chrysanthemum: Adding a vibrant splash of greenery, the Santini chrysanthemum brings freshness and vitality to the bouquet. With its lush foliage and cheerful demeanor, it serves as a lively backdrop for the other blooms.
Yellow Tanacetum: Bursting with sunny hues, the yellow tanacetum blooms exude warmth and happiness. Their delicate petals and charming presence infuse the bouquet with a sense of joy and positivity.
Yellow Tulips: Symbolizing sunshine and new beginnings, the yellow tulips bring a touch of brightness and optimism to the arrangement. Their vibrant color and graceful form add an enchanting allure to the bouquet.
Purple Lisianthus: Adding a hint of elegance and sophistication, the purple lisianthus blooms complement the yellow tones beautifully. Their velvety petals and rich color provide a striking contrast, adding depth and visual interest to the bouquet.


Whether as a heartfelt gift or a stunning centerpiece for your home, our Yellow Tanacetum and Santini Chrysanthemum Bouquet promises to uplift spirits and evoke smiles. Treat yourself or surprise a loved one with this delightful floral arrangement, available for delivery across the UK through Luxe Flowers Delivered.

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